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Modern Avataras Of Age Old Sari

The new  generation of  designers are taking care that the age old sari - Sita's legacy  and Draupadi's pride -  does not die out, by bringing in innovations, that would have scandalized our grandmothers  Yes there are  different ways of carrying the traditional six yard cloth and how to make it more stylish. Shamita Singha, who was present at the Lakme fashion preview, says  " I love the elements of youth and fun in  saris of modern designers. In fact, I plan on wearing them to parties as often as I can". In case of the sari, upcoming and even established designers are giving the traditional garment more modern interpretations to suit a young clientele, whom they feel are not averse to  accepting of such change.  Yes there are  different ways of carrying the traditional six yard cloth and how to make it more stylish.

Sabyasachi  the eminent fashion maestro says, " In my recent collection, I have showcased the chhotu sari, which is not really a new concept because women in tribal areas wear them. The only difference is that I have removed the pleats so that it just becomes easier for the youth. It's important to create a blend amongst the traditional and the commercial. The chhotu sari helps the women flaunt their shoes." Sabya's chhotu sari has been made in khadi and the silhouettes are also Indian.
Stylist Priya Agni  says, "I think it is imperative to innovative with the sari. Unless we are not hampering with the aesthetics  of the six yards it's fine. I used leggings and strong shoulder pads, because I wanted the sari to be more western. Another way of wearing a sari would be to drape it around in cowls."

Fashion designer Anju Chotrani too has modern ideas of combining sari with western dress and explains, "Wearing a sari with a long  jacket is very Western. Also with a long Kurti. Interestingly, the blouses don't stop at the waist these days, they are long and stretch like a kurti.

Also long ruffles over the edge of the pallu make the sari look like a Victorian gown. Trousers or a skirt replace the traditional 'ghagra' (skirt) and the sari is pre-draped using various notches that can be adjusted to accommodate weight gain".

New designer Masaba Gupta's saris were pieced together in such a way that they made perfect sense for everyday wear for the young or experimentalists. With thick black and white stripes and a green border, they were styled well giving it that needed young , Indo-Western silhouetteRitu Kumar the leading fashion expert   is of the opinion that the sari has been recently often innovated to make it more appealing for daily wear. She says, " I recently draped a sari totally differently, the pleats were stitched, the pallu more like a scarf around the neck and the blouse fits like a corset."

Puneet Nanda of Satya Paul is trying to make the same basic structure fresh for new clients. His pop art line of saris, most recently, sported by Bollywood celebs like Jacqueline Fernandes and Mughda Godse, have sold like hot cakes. "People are bored with the traditional designs they find in stores, they want something new and exciting," Nanda explains the reason for the success of the line. "We tread a fine line when creating pop art. An image of Ganesha or other gods might work as pop art in New York, but here it will be interpreted as misusing religious images."

Nanda has also launched a line of pre-constructed saris to capture the working woman, who has no time to patiently drape six yards of fabric. According to him "Personally, I prefer the original structure because it's hard to improve upon a garment that isn't even stitched. But our pre-constructed saris are practical and meant for women on the go. We've avoided the use of the zipper form because that leaves you with just one size. By using strategically placed notches, the sari can be adjusted, because women tend to go through cycles of weight loss and gain."

Monica and her design partner Karishma Swati recently unveiled their own festive collection of hand smocked and silk macramé saris which were traditional in their look and fabric but very contemporary in their presentation.  "The sheer magnitude of what you can do with a sari is amazing," says Monica.

Fashion designer Anamika Khanna, who feels that saris should be made innovative, broke the mould when she showed a range of muslin saris in hues like lime green, magenta and saffron. The saris were draped unconventionally and instead of a ghagra underneath, she teamed them with pajama pants and all parts of the outfit were in one colour only.

Butterfly pallu saree is a type of designer saree where the pallu narrows downs to the shoulder with cut work. The style is being inspired from the Bollywood film industry. The work on the shoulder can be of pearl and kundan which adds a fusion look to the designer saree.  Sharara saree - It is a style of saree which looks like a sharara. It has two flares and the second flare makes it looks like sharara. The sharara saree is very heavily emblazed with work of zari, zardosi or thread work on the bottom or second half of the flare. It is worn on special occasions like weddings and bridal functions.  A thin fabric saree with a belt highlights your curves.  Belt can be of a fabric or leather emblazes with embroidery or stone work. Adding a glam belt to the attire gives a fusion look to the attire. It can be worn on any party wear occasion or festivals.  Lehenga saree - This is another experiment of designers. This kind of designer saree has a flare in the end but less than sharara flare. This style is getting popular among Modern Indian brides. This gives a fusion look to traditional lehenga choli.
Neo- saree is another experiment with saree. This designer saree is a saree with a reduced height and is above the ankle. You can team this saree with a strapee sandal or juttis.  Net saris are trying  to get a toehold this wedding season, vying for attention with ethnic silks, finds   fashion  designer Sangeetha Devi Dundoo
Bling still rules, but understated elegance is back in saris. "Heavy silks are preferred for the wedding ceremony but women want cotton-blends for the smaller functions. Kotas with kalamkari, cut-work and intricate borders are dressy while remaining easier to handle in the heat," opines designer Mamata Reddy of Kalam Creations.
Yes    There are many modern  avataras for the age old sari.

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Sunidhi Chauhan and Raveen Tandon


Turns out singer Sunidhi Chauhan’s connection with actress Raveen Tandon is an age old one! It was Kalyanji Aanandji’s tour to Bahamas in 1994 in which Bollywood-biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Raveena Tandon, Manisha Koirala and Sridevi participated.Among these top-notch actors was a little bundle of talent, Sunidhi Chauhan. Being a part of Kalyanji Aanandji’s music academy, the 11-year-old toured for the first time with the then A-listers.Seen with the Mast Mast girl Raveena Tandon, the coy little Sunidhi, clad in a salwar kameez, became the centre of attraction for the actress. Interestingly, it’s the same sparkler who has sung an item song Main chandigarh di star, Munde checking me from far, munde slowing down the car for Raveena in ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap’.

Mallika Sherawat


It was a festive evening at Puranmal Juhu, as the air was full of anticipation and excitement, with Double Dhamaal’s Jalebi Bai Mallika Sherawat expected to visit and herself make jalebis for everyone!! The glamorous actress arrived at the eatery in full enthusiasm and straightaway went  to the jalebi frying counters and started making piping hot jalebis!!...Also making jalebis with her was director Indra Kumar, and the duo fed each other, along with everyone present, including media persons! After the fun feast, Mallika went on to speak about her much awaited comedy film and the sizzling item number Jalebi Bai,” I had a blast dancing to Jalebi Bai. I want to thank Induji for giving me such a amazing platform and role with his sequel to the hit Dhamaal...the entire cast and crew was so much fun to work with!” Indra Kumar’s comedy sequel film Double Dhamaal, produced by Maruti International in association with Reliance Entertainment, is a much anticipated comedy film starring the previous Dhamaal team- Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Ashish Chowdhry, Ritiesh Deshmukh and Jaaved Jafferi, with Mallika Sherawat and Kangana Ranaut.

Neha Hinge

Bollywood Happened Just By Chance : Neha Hinge

If fate would have willed, smart and beautiful Neha Hinge may have made her debut with Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji, but now she is all set to make her bow with Madhur’s friend Joe Rajan’s maiden film as a director- Luv U Soniye in which she has been teamed in the romantic lead opposite none other than Tanuj Virwani, the handsome and dashing son of actress Rati Agnihotri.

Neha confesses that she is in films today only because she had won the crown of Miss India. “When Madhur selected me as Bombay Diva, which was a part of the Miss India pageant, he told me that he would sign me on for his film Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji, but it did not materialize for reasons best known to Madhurji”, quips Neha.

How did Joe Rajan discover you I ask Neha. Pat comes the reply, “It was Madhur who had suggested to Joe that he should cast me in his film Luv U Soniye, when he told Madhur that he was all set to make his debut in films as a director with his film Luv U Soniye. Joe signed me on as the leading lady of his film even without me giving any audition. On hindsight, I think that whatever happens in life happens only for the better, because nothing can be better than a film, with which you are making your debut with a title role.”

The reason she decided to make her bow with a new production house like that of Joe Rajan and not wait till a big banner like say that of Yash Chopra offered to launch her, is that she had to start somewhere. “All that I can say with due respect is that Yash Chopra is Yash Chopra but all of us have the capacity to reach that place slowly and steadily, since Rome was not built in one day. Joe is one director, who knows exactly what he wants from his actors. Joe lets us give variations in our expressions and besides being creative, also takes ideas from each and every one on the sets, from the spot boy to the light boy.”

Neha confesses that it was not at all difficult for her to portray her character effortlessly, because in the first place, she plays a sweet and cultured young girl, who loves her family and always makes it a point to fight for what is good. To let her get into the skin of her character, Joe asked voice teacher Joy to help her now the technicalities of modulation of her voice and also subjected Tanuj and her to exercises,  which helped them build up chemistry between both of them.

Neha confesses that she is not at all a trained actor and it was for the first time that she faced the camera on the sets of Luv U Soniye. “I am the face of Pantaloon. I confess that on the first day of the shooting, I was quite scared and nervous but started enjoying the process of acting, when I got its essence. It is amusing, but the fact is that though I was nervous while giving the rehearsal, I was okay when the take was on. My first take was what you’d call in film parlance a one take”, gushes Neha.

Neha is a software engineer, who has worked for two years in Accenture, Pune and though Miss India was something that she had always yearned to be, Bollywood is something that has happened just by chance. “Though I concede that I did not ultimately act in his film, the fact that a director of the stature of Madhur Bhandarkar selected me for a part in his film Dil To Bachcha Hai ji was, by itself, a big pleasant surprise to me.”

Neha admits that her parents have always treated her like a son. “My father told me to go ahead and avail of the opportunity when the offer to act landed in my lap. Though I had heard horror stories about the casting couch in the film industry, I realized that it is not the case when I started working. I now know that it is only women who want to be exploited, get exploited in Bollywood. If you are strong, no one on earth can force you to do something that you do not want to do.”
What is your take on exposure? I ask Neha point blank. “As an actress, I certainly would love to look glamorous on the screen. I am quite confident about my body and am even ready to flaunt it.  However, if it is not required, I am not game for exposure. I am okay as far as lip-locks are  concerned and also can look hot, but please no Mallika Sherawat kind of role in films like Murder for me, because I do not want to get saddled with that kind of image as far as I am concerned.”
Neha confesses that she had turned down an offer some time back when the producer asked her to appear in a bikini in his film, because the role was not at all appealing enough for her to say yes. “If it is shot aesthetically like it was on Priyanka Chopra in Dostana or Kareena Kapoor in Tashan, I do not mind at all appearing in a bikini,” asserts Neha.
When I ask her whether she fell in love with her co-actor Tanuj while the shooting of the film was on, Neha signs off by stating that she is still single and her search for the Mr Right is on and adds, “You should not mix your personal life with your professional life.”

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Directly from the United Kingdom is the new promotional trailers for the prequel ' Rise of the Planet of the Apes ', where we enter the classic premise of scientific research where human society leads to their destruction.All this from finding a cure for Alzheimer's that makes the character played by James Franco , who tries to find a way to heal his father ( John Lithgow ).

From Whence the genetic experimentation on an ape named Caesar, whose creation is a fusion of the interpretation of Andy Serkis as the magic with digital wizards Weta.The next advance also allows a glimpse of the incredible level of visual effects for this project, which will definitely more than someone with the impression of pure dislocated jaw, as well as probe the whole dynamic of the drama.Yes, because in reality not all be the rise of the apes have been sold earlier gains.

Review of Green Lantern

'Green Lantern' is one of the densest DC comics about mythology and number of characters is concerned.It is understandable therefore that this adaptation of Warner Bros. begins with an introduction explaining the basics of this intergalactic patrol known as 'Green Lantern Corps' responsible for maintaining order in the different sectors in which the universe splits.The amount of exposure and repeated explanations bother adult films-yes 'Robin Hood', I know you are in "Nottingham" - forgive one that points to children.

A few minutes after passing the Earth, the first transition of many, we see Hal Jordan ( Ryan Reynolds ) in a flight test.A series of flashbacks of his father, also a pilot, could have the dramatic effect of 'Top Gun' but more reminiscent of 'Hot Shots' (Locademia Pilot) without provoking laughter was the intention.The humor works sometimes but less frequently than expected.

After Jordan inherits the ring and a lantern agonizonte alien (Abin Sur), is transported to the planet Oa.The recreceación of this world and its inhabitants is truly spectacular and the millions spent on special effects is warranted.The voice of Geoffrey Rush to Tomar-Re and Michael Clarke Duncan to Kilowog, brings charisma and credibility to their characters.The problem is that its shares are very short.Who steals the film is Mark Strong , with Sinestro's most memorable presence of the same.Jordan's short training, learning to harness the power of the ring to realize devices and their interaction with the aforementioned aliens is very interesting.

When we want to continue exploring and learning more green lantern, the story is refocusing on Earth, a series of scenes that know "already seen" The superhero coming to the penthouse to take his beloved ride through the air (Superman) , the villain holding a busy spoiling (Spider-Man, etc.).Absent is the freshness that director Martin Campbell was injected at the time of James Bond and Zorro.

Saving Strong, the rest of the performances range from acceptable to forgettable. Ryan Reynolds suficientemtne it does not seem right to ridicule in his green mask but can not quite sell the character.We're always aware that it is Reynolds the actor appears on screen. Peter Sarsgaard does a proper job as Hector Hammond, the shy, resentful scientist infected by Parallax, the entity of fear here reduced to a generic monster "essences." Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett are totally wasted in inconsequential roles. Blake Lively does not so bad but Carol Ferris has the worst dialogue.His relationship with Hal goes back and forth without being able to interest in the least.

Indeed, the story and the script's weakest link.What could be the exploration of a fascinating universe like Star Wars is reduced to a "message movie" for kids.If the remake of 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' repeated ad nauseam the ecological message that humans "can change" here it comes down to "we can overcome the media" .Without exaggeration, the word "fear" is mentioned twenty times: "You are afraid of being afraid," said Jordan in a moment.

In the last third of everything is accelerating and it sounds very forced.After Jordan does a lousy job convincing "Guardians" (the council of elders of Oa) to help us - it was better not to argue that the threat would become much more powerful if it was destroying the Earth instead of saying that humans are not so bad? - released a short, anticlimactic final battle with Parallax.

Technically there is nothing to criticize. The 3D is very high points in the introduction and the subsequent scenes but the rest interplanetary -85% - not very deep.This is typical of the conversions later: The CGI work but regular camera shot is flat.

In short, I became very similar to 'Thor' : A character who has parental trauma, Freud would be a picnic to mature and prove he is worthy of the power generated by an object.The Asgard and Oa were much more interesting place than Earth.The romance in any of these is entirely convincing and connect with the characters is difficult.The children will be more satisfied.

The secret scene after the credits promise a sequel brighter.

Super 8 Best Movies of 2011

Critical Review of 'Super 8': One of the Best Movies of 2011 JJ Abrams has done it again

In 2009, the director JJ Abrams proved with 'Star Trek' was able to inject life into a familiar story.The question was whether he could repeat the same thing in 'Super 8' , a film that explores various elements seen in films like 'ET' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' .

The story follows a group of children in a small American town in 1979 to witness a train wreck while filming a zombie movie.A strange creature escapes from one of the coaches and friends try to unravel the mystery of the consequent disappearance while trying to complete your project, avoid the armed forces who have made the place and stay safe from the creature.

From the first scene shows a great respect for the intelligence of the viewer.Instead of having characters explain everything from the beginning, the film takes the time to go answering every question has an appropriate time.What is also noted in the marketing campaign, because unlike many summer releases in USA, manutuvieron the plot details a secret so we could enjoy more movies.

Interestingly, the first teaser trailer, included at the end of this post contains images not appear in the final product and the train scene that we see from the perspective of children.

In inmedito connect with Joe, played superbly by newcomer Joel Courtney , who has lost his mother and his father is misunderstood by police.But each character is developed've played exceptionally well for children, especially Elle Fanning , and adults, mostly unknown or the world of television.

From 'The Goonies' of Richard Donner since we saw a group of small players being so well treated by Hollywood-sorry 'Spy Kids' - and respond with performances of this caliber.The polar opposite to that seen in 'The Last Airbender " from Shyamalan .

The movie moves passing through different tracks and having success at all: The drama excites us, we laugh at the comic and frightening in every attack of the fugitive being.This happens when all aspects of a film are solid, both on paper and in execution. Abrams is a master behind the camera and even abused some of his trademark, the "flare" when the camera is a source of light in front, no one can say that it looks spectacular.The full audio experience with music as full of "oldies" as the excellent sound effects.

Interestingly, in a record year in number of films offered in 3-D is a set in the 70's and 2-D which offers more immersive experience.You forget you are watching a film and when I left the cinema I felt I had traveled in time back to 2011.

Although Steven Spielberg as producer and "partner" in history, it is unfair detract from this creation of Abrams as a mere "tribute" to the tapes of the legendary director.The creator of 'Lost' took autobiographical elements and films which grew but this is a completely new story.We often complain that Hollywood does not make films like they used to and when someone captures the spirit of adventure of the 70's and 80's I despise.

'Super 8' has the intensity and soul that's been missing in recent projects that Spielberg was involved.If 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Skull' was an excuse to exploit the nostalgia and make money, this is a labor of love that makes you dream has generations of today and the teacher did in his time.Somehow JJ inspired him to Steven for this product brings to the best of himself.

It is true that the end could have been more original.But this science fiction adventure of living in the shadow of any other, it shines.

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Hairstyles of 2011

What are the cuts and styles in fashion this season? Here are the major trends seen in parades hairstyles 2011.

For spring-summer 2011, we can say that the time is the softness, lightness, natural either side cuts or colors. Overall, hairdressers have focused on styles, cuts, easygoing, easy to maintain.

If the length is very trendy this season, there are many ways to wear it, but those who prefer the mid to long or short, rest assured: the square is present and small cuts short "ball" or tomboy.

Featured along
In fashion parades or in the books of hairdressers along makes a comeback. It is a very natural way, preferably with a line drawn in the middle well; hair is left free on each side. for an effect Naiad trendy, they are wavy: for those who are fortunate to benefit from a hair soft, it is enough to let them dry naturally or with a hairdryer twisting the strands to get good waves, for the other is the comeback of the mini-wave ( Camille Albane ).

One can also opt for a '70s style, rejecting all hair on the back, by creping or possibly a little fixing them with hairspray and letting fall on the shoulders lengths, always a very natural way and wavy.

For the hardcore fringe, it has this season will be very long and touching the eyes.

Buns, braids and ponytails: on top!
Long hair can also be tied in a ponytail. It can be very high on the top of the skull or conversely, very low and even asymmetrical one shoulder. In the latter case, it should give creping hair blowing in the root for a nice volume.

Last detail: you cover the rubber band or a favorite by a lock of hair wrapped around.

Another fashion trend, for those who have hair long enough: the bun. Whether in parades or in the top hairdressers, it is very present in all its forms.

Style dancer to surf the wave Black Swan, worn low on the neck or on the contrary, high on the top of the head, hair smooth, plated or even painted (as in the parade Gucci ), it is equally suitable for day or for an evening. It may be more loose, relaxed style, hair parted in the middle and reduced on one side with a style somewhat neglected as in the last parade Donna Karan.

Spring 2011 also sign the return of braids: of course, in a bun as well as during the parade Givenchy as "squaw," or neglected style or so half-ponytail.

The square gradient: Back in Force
Than those who did not have long hair to worry, the long half-square is also very popular this season. It is degraded (St. Seaweed), a tousled-headed effect, but also plunging draft (Fabio Salsa) or even embossed in Lawrence Decreton, or short and sophisticated Jack Holt.

Boy-style, cutting ball to short cuts
Despite a preference for mid-long and all along, hairdressers have also declined, however, cut short tapered or in a boyish style ( Jean Louis David ), small head with a dynamic cut "firecracker" very sharp and full of character for Eric Stipa; effect cutting ball to Top Model or Dessange

Headbands, barrettes and headbands: the essential hair jewels
Another trend for Spring / Summer 2011, it is necessary to decorate her hair with accessories "jewels": barrettes, headbands,... are adorned with feathers, lace, flowers, rhinestones, bows.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is 50 years making audiences laugh

If someone manages to make millions with the voice of a donkey is that it has come far in Hollywood. And Eddie Murphy, who provided the voice of the ass of the fourth and final installment of Shrek, "Happily Ever", pocketed four million dollars.

So, no wonder the Hollywood star, who turns 50 on April 3, figure frequently in the "Forbes". In 2008 ranked third among the millionaires of Hollywood, behind Will Smith and Johnny Depp. That same year was "awarded" the Razzie Award for worst actor and star cast for the comedy "Norbit," in which he played almost all roles.

That film also won him the trophy for supporting actress for her role impossible obesity and evil Rasputia. And in 2010, the organizers of the awards ironic distinguished him as "worst actor of the decade , beating the likes of Ben Affleck, Mike Myers, Rob Schneider and John Travolta.

In such cases, Murphy put the widest smile. And he did as a child in Brooklyn, where after the death of his father was raised by his mother and stepfather in a humble environment. First managed to smile at his sister, and then to their classmates. At 19 it was usual comedy show "Saturday Night Live," which also launched the careers of Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Billy Crystal and Bill Murray.

In 1982, a young Murphy won over critics with his first role, it was not just to laugh. In the thriller "48 Hours" gave life to a prisoner who helps a detective (Nick Nolte) to catch a murderer. With his second film, "Trading Places" became the overnight in a comedy star plays a beggar who became a wealthy businessman.

A year later, Murphy starred in one of the blockbusters of the 80 with "Beverly Hills Cop." It embodied the Detroit police Axel Foley, who is caught up in an investigation into the exclusive city of Los Angeles. The saga continued in 1987 and 1994.

However, it was not all plain sailing. His directorial debut, "Harlem Nights" (1989), was a flop, just like the movie "The Golden Child." In "Boomerang" (1992) fell in love with two beautiful, not just for the cameras: for some time maintained a relationship with Halle Berry and Robin Givens.

In "Dr. Dolittle ", embodied a veterinarian who talks to her four-legged patients.
In "The Nutty Professor" (1996) shone doubly: as obese scientist Sherman Klump and his brash alter ego Buddy Love. After this blockbuster scathing tones became more familiar with "Dr. Dolittle, "which portrayed a veterinarian who talks to her four-legged patients. And with "The Haunted Mansion" (2004) finally became a star for young audiences.

Critics were no longer taken seriously Murphy to "Dreamgirls" (2007) , a musical that was nominated for eight Oscars. In the film about a trio of black female soul singers in the 60, the actor said playing the drug-addicted artist James "Thunder" Early. Did not get the Academy Awards as best supporting actor, but won the Golden Globe

However, he relapsed into the same routine with the simplistic comedy "Norbit" and "Meet Dave" (2008). That year was not good in matters of the heart: only two weeks after their romantic "I do" on a private island in the Pacific failed marriage to producer Tracy Edmonds.

Two years earlier, had divorced actor model Nicole Mitchell, with whom he has five children. It also has two adult children from previous relationships fruit and a girl of four years with the ex-Spice Girl Melanie Brown, which he did not know until you pass the paternity test.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elvis Presley

Between March 24, 1958, when they join the U.S. Army and the March 5, 1960, when he graduated with the rank of sergeant, Elvis Presley had to stay away from movie screens. Were not complete two years of silence, for his label RCA Victor conveniently spaced knew the material they had been recorded before his military service, including no fewer than a dozen items in the Top 40. But several factors had led to the entertainer to believe that the end of his career as a musical idol of the masses had come to an end. There were only two years of relative retreat, right in its heyday, but also saw the confluence of various personal circumstances such as the death of his beloved mother Gladys, or know that would eventually become his wife, PriscillaIn Germany, where he was stationed (in fact I could not like their fans) or professionals, such as the emergence of new musical figures ready to seize his throne (Bobby Darin, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Ricky Nelson or Pat BooneAll with just barely distinguished career in film.)

On his return to America, his label was quick to put it in the recording studio to provide their eager fans with new material to compensate for the long absence of the star, besides returning to provide the necessary media exposure to oil unstoppable commercial equipment. Appearances TV and new films were some of the steps in this direction. His first film in two years, "GI Blues" became a huge commercial success, further enhanced by the magnetic presence of the King in uniform. His manager, Colonel Parker, and the owner of his movie contract, the veteran producer Hal B. Wallis, preferring to bet on single vehicle roll safe, modest budget, to the glory of the star, but Elvis insisted on demanding more demanding roles as an actor. So his next two films would be on loan and material that appeared to augur all types of commercial and critical congratulations. "Flaming Star", a Western antiépico on the status of mixed race, and "unruly," a melodrama written by none other than Clifford Odets. However, the box office ruled in favor of Parker and Wallis, and the relative commercial failure of both proposals set about two dozen Elvis movies inconsequential in colorful scenes such as Acapulco, Hawaii or Las Vegas, surrounded by starlets, And most times non-existent substance.

The project "Flaming Star" had a few years rolling studies. Initially thought of names of the caliber of Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra, or directors like Michael Curtiz or screenwriter Nunnally Johnson finally to bring to the big screen the novel Flaming Lance by Clair Huffaker (novelist and screenwriter closely connected to the movies West during the 60's, with popular titles such as "Rio Conchos", "The Comancheros" or "100 Rifles"). After falling into the hands of specialist notable genre films, Don Siegel and starring Elvis already, 20th Century Fox surrounded himself with an outstanding cast of popular faces: Steve Forrest (the then-popular Hondo Harrelson television), the beautiful Barbara Eden (about to become another icon on the small screen, the beautiful genius Jeannie) And veteran of the caliber of Dolores del Rio, John McIntire, and a large budget and excellent technicians. Embodying the mestizo Pacer Burton, Presley returned to leave notes of what might have become if their paths have been others. This is not just another of those titles designed to splendor and glory of the star, and shows that in the right hands, Elvis could have been a remarkable performer.

"Flaming Star" is projected on Monday March 28th at 19:30 pm in the ICCAT. As always in original version with subtitles and free admission. After the screening, the usual conversation where we will try to delve into aspects of the movie itself or the career of Elvis. All are invited. Long live the king!

Black and White Cinema

Movies like "Sunset Boulevard" and "Barton Fink" helped us imagine what life was like the writers in the Hollywood of big studios. Knowing that the film was made much money (and overly so fast), it was normal posh writers sell their soul to the devil in exchange for the glare of tinsel. Sacrificing the integrity of his previous literary commitment in favor of accepting the suggestions from the offices they were doing. At the end of the day, no matter how grown they were, they entered through the door of the study, were not just another brick in the wall, another link in the chain.

One of these writers was Daniel Mainwaring, a Californian who while working as a journalist for San Francisco Chronicle a novel published in 1932 considered at the time as "too proletarian", entitled "One Against the Earth." Perhaps the allegations were received that he "invited" to change not only the "tone" of his writings, but even his name. He adopted the pseudonym Geoffrey Homes and opted for something less committed and easier to sell: crime and mystery. In this area was managed with considerable wealth during five years, enough time for that siren launched from a small production company called Pine Productions (a kind of branch specialized in series B Paramount). Mainwaring's first job in Hollywood was the screenplay for "No hands on the clock" (1941), the first step in a career that lasted well into the 60 and that, like many others, was hampered by its inclusion in blacklists. In this photo, he is seen smiling next to Bogart, someone who could not spoil the race witch hunters, unlike what happened with Mainwaring.

Between 1941 and 1946 he wrote a considerable number of novels and screenplays of variable quality. One day, tired of writing detective stories in which everything is focused on whodunitDecided to turn around and published a more ambitious work, "Build My Gallows High", a novel next year, with a couple of adjustments made by the same Mainwaring, Frank Fenton and the great James M. Cain, became the screenplay for "Out of the Past" (1947), directed by Jacques Tourneur and almost unanimously regarded as one of the best works of black film of all time. Produced for RKO by Warren Duff, "the Past" tells the story of an ex-detective retired and runs a gas station in a small town. Bring a quiet and simple life, dividing his time between fishing and his girlfriend. One day he receives a visit from an old acquaintance who tells him that the boss wants to see it. It is clear that no one can escape his past.

Starring Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas and Rhonda Fleming, this movie is showing on Wednesday 16 February at 19:00 in Cultural Sphere of the English Court (Mesa y Lopez, 15, 7 th floor). The screening, free and VOSE, give way to a conference and cultural practice in this forum.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor and her seven husbands

"Every time I fell in love, got married. My principles forbid me just having adventures" and thought Elizabeth Taylor, The Hollywood legend who had seven different husbands and married eight times.

The American star who promised eternal love eight times, one of their husbands was Richard Burton, whom he married twice, and died on Wednesday aged 79, was very material to the chronicle of the show, hungry for scandal, with his troubled love life.

Taylot was 18 when she married, on 16 May 1950, with Nicholas Hilton Jr., heir to the hotel. A few months later divorced to marry, 21 February 1952, with British actor Michael Wilding, 19 years her senior. They had two children: Michael Jr. and Christopher. They divorced in 1956.

Free again, Liz, the beautiful violet-eyed actress married the rich producer Michael Todd. They had a daughter, Elizabeth Frances, in August 1957, seven months after a tragic plane crash killed Todd in New Mexico (center-south).

In 1959 Liz was converted to Judaism to marry her fourth husband, singer Eddie Fisher, who had just left his wife Debbie Reynolds. On May 12, 1959, the day of the wedding in Las Vegas, actress predicted "a honeymoon 30 or 40 years." But divorce occurred five years later, on March 5, 1964.

Ten days later, she married Richard Burton, who entered his life during the filming of "Cleopatra" (1963). Shot him seven films, including the acclaimed "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 1966), which earned him an Oscar for best actress.

After stormy and dramatic reconciliations breaks (they divorced in 1974, remarried in October 1975 and divorced again in July 1976), the passionate pair entered a part of the legend of "the terrible lovers."

On December 4, 1976 film diva married for the seventh time, with Virginia Republican Sen. John Warner, who was divorced in December 1982.

And in 1991 stunned the world when she married for the eighth time, now her husband was Larry Fortensky, a construction worker, 40 years her junior, whom he met in rehab. They parted amicably after three years. It was his eighth and last marriage.