Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Hollywood Films of 2010

If Avatar rocked the Hollywood scene in 2009, the New Year brings its share of potentially awe-inspiring action.Here's a look at the 10 Most Anticipated Hollywood Films to hit Indian screens in 2010:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 1
In the first of the two-part movie adaptation of J K Rowling's seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, the young wizard returns with best friends Ron and Hermione in tow seeking the elusive Horcruxes, linked with the destruction of his ultimate nemesis, Lord Voldemort.Director David Yates, who helmed the previous Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince is in charge of the final installment, which is split in two films owing to its lengthy chapters as well an eye for multiple profit, lending the fantasy its characteristically escalating dark theme.Grim elements aside, the much anticipated franchise also features its leading man Daniel Radcliffe drop his shirt (and pants) for a scene. Some USP, eh?

Iron Man 2
Fresh off playing Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr shows us his true mettle (or metal, if you please) as a billionaire cum superhero in the latest sequel to Iron Man.While The Wrestler's Mickey Rourke signs up to play a comic-book villain, namely Whiplash in a cast featuring the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johannson and Don Cheadle, Iron Man 2 is already drawing enough attention to promise a bumper opening.The plot is said to go something like this: Now that Tony Stark's Iron Man status is out in the open, his super-powered technology is eyed by many a power-hungry miscreants. How he doesn't let the baddies have their way is what this film is all about.

Shutter Island
Based on Dennis Lehane's novel, whose earlier work Mystic River was adapted into an Oscar-winning film by Clint Eastwood, Shutter Island is a crazy jigsaw of deceit and mystery set in the 1950s.A US Marshal is send to a Boston asylum to investigate the disappearance of a patient with a criminal past only to discover there's more to the claustrophobic hospital and its horrific workings than meets the eye.A Martin Scorsese film is enough to get our curious side up. Plus, it stars his recurring favourite Leonardo DiCaprio. The two have previously collaborated on three projects Gangs of New York, The Aviator and The Departed. Worth the price of admission, you think?

Christopher Nolan takes a break from Batman's suit to construct a Matrix-like scenario where mind is the 'architecture' and 'scene of crime' and an idea is the 'most resilient parasite'. Though not much is revealed in Inception's ambiguous trailer, there's enough to grab your attention.Again, starring DiCaprio, the man has quite a few aces up his sleeve this year, the upcoming sci-fi drama features him as a businessman engaging in mind games of the uncanny kind.Going by Nolan's past record, it's usually a case of as good as it gets.

Alice in Wonderland
Tim Burton doesn't do conventional. Then again Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass is not your regular fairy tale. Even if Disney's cutesy animated version has psyched us into believing just that.The masterful filmmaker twists and bends the stereotypes, employing animation and live-action, to present his trademark take of its spirited heroine and her run-ins with some truly whimsical characters.And when Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, Anne Hathway as The White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen, Michael Sheen as White Rabbit, Stephen Fry as Cheshire Cat and Alan Rickman as Caterpillar join the party, it's going to be one hell of an adventure.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Bella and Edward return to romance in the latest Twlight vehicle, Eclipse.While Twlight was mostly harmless fun, New Moon ushered in utter disappointment, box office notwithstanding. Even as the insanely popular Stephanie Meyer novels about two star-crossed lovers a vampire and a mortal continues to rake in the moolah, its big screen version has made international heartthrobs out of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.The question now is will Bella give up her human ways and marry Edward to adopt a bloodsucker's lifestyle? And what about her unresolved feelings for Jacob, a werewolf with a softie's heart and rollicking six-packs? Superficial and soppy but oh-so-sexy, that's the world of Twilight for you.

Shrek Forever After
First: He rescued the princess.Second: He turned Prince Charming.Third: He became dad to triplets.The lovable green ogre is at it again. Aching to get back to his ogre ways, he signs a pact with Rumpelstiltskin only to realise he's been tricked. Now the world is something else where Fiona and he haven't even met and Donkey doesn't have a clue. Knowing Shrek, he'll set things back in order and the scheming goblin will meet a befitting fate.Realising it's no good to stretch a good thing for too long, Shrek Forever After is the fourth and final film in the series.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Unhappy by the underperformance of Prince Caspian, Walt Disney Pictures passed on the distribution rights of the third film in the Narnia series, 20th Century Fox.Director Andrew Adamson doesn't return to direct either instead The World is Not Enough's Michael Apted pitches in to do the needful.The Voyage of the Dawn Treader explores new adventures by The Pevenie kids Edmund and Lucy, along with their cousin Eustace after they are magically transported onto an enchanted Narnian ship. So far the Narnia films have retained the clarity and spirit of C S Lewis' vividly told stories. Hopefully, the new one will too.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Video games-turned-films can be a tricky proposition. Either they are an instant hit like Lara Croft or duds like Max Payne. And now, Ubisoft's widely-played Prince of Persia comes to life on celluloid with Brokeback Mountain's Jake Gyllenhaal portraying its swashbuckling hero, Dastan. In an Aladdinesque brand of twist, a courageous Dastan joins forces with a Princess to protect Sands of Time, a mystical gift of the Gods that empowers its possessor with the ability to turn back time from the cunning Nizam, played by Ben Kingsley.Considering filmmaker Mike Newell (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire) is the creative force behind its aesthetics and assertions, Prince of Persia should make for an engaging experience.

Robin Hood
All rise, the gladiators are back! Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott team up for another adrenalin-packed action adventure to film the legendary character from English folklore, Robin Hood.What's he going to do? The usual. Rescue his village from the tyrants, rob the rich and serve the poor while serenading a radiant Cate BlanchettIt should be interesting to see the Oscar-winning actor in a role previously essayed by Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner to name a few, as the witty, valiant and sharp warrior kicking butt like only he can.