Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Song Movie Review

The last song is based on Nicholas Sparks’ book and this, just like any other of his stories this is far much better than other previous adaptations. Liam Hemsworth plays the part of a rich volleyball playing kid about to join college while Amanda Seyfried is simple college bound guitar enthusiast.
On the other hand Miley Cyrus acts the part of young man with strained relations with his father, Channing Tatum. Though a teenager, Miley has turned to be a soldier, stars in this a must see piece for any movie enthusiast. The scenes are so enticing especially with those beautiful water dripping teenage bodies, just like the scenes in the movie Dear John. Just like the other Nicholas Sparks book adaptation to movies, a character with some deadly disease cannot be missed in the last song movie review.

Clearly, the last song movie setting is a meeting between two would be lovers who are portrayed as silly and unbelievably so. The last song movie review shows how complete strangers can fall madly in love; a new girl in town is every ones dream lover. To put it in a polite manner, the new chic on the block is dump and her mannerisms are annoying and this is the amazing part about the movie The Last Song. The movie reminds any movie lover of an off-the- beat song due to its empathy feeling given that the main star is a character you can take for a role model due to lack of appeal. The new girl in town is cute but the intensity of her out of this world withdrawn nature makes The Last Song look far-fetched.

In comes the drug peddler who’s obsessed by abusing his girlfriend at the full glare of his rich parents. The drug dealers’ parents cannot intervene even when their son’s ex-lover tries to break up the new couples found love. In the presence of the parents, the young brother looks more mature and responsible as compared to the adults in the home. Just like any other movie there is always a sober one as depicted in the young brother in the movie last song. With all this, there is nothing to write home about apart from the handsome and beautiful bodies. It would be a fallacy to deduce the last song as a hit according to Hollywood standards.
The last song movie review shows a total contrast of beauty, riches and disease in a very elaborate perspective leaving any movie lover at a crossroad. It becomes even more intriguing with introduction of an aspect of animal love for the beach volleyball lover to be seen as caring. For the astute movie lover, watching the movie turns out better than the last song movie review thus you need to watch it to appreciate this review.

My Hollywood Movies

Here are some best movies of Hollywood. They are wonderful and you should check it out .

1. The Twilight series – Its the love story about an ordinary girl and a vampire and how they find their love.
2. Pirates of the Caribbean series – Its a very nice movie. Its my favourite movie and very enjoyable.
3. Hitman – Maybe most of the people love Hitman. I am not sure but it is a very nice movie though it does not include comedy.
4. Rambo series – One of the best hero and one of the best movie series. Must view these movies. Lots and lots of action and fighting. Most of the boys will enjoy.
5. Here are some more good movies - Expandables

Men in Black Three Review

Men in Black 3 is a 2012 movie of will smith which comes after men in black 2. This time, will is forced to go back in time to help his friend from a serious threat that awaits him in the future. will has to go back in time and prevent it from ever happening and in his journey he learns a lot about how his friend, agent K, was when he was younger and how he came to be. The length of the movie was also good.

The movie has lots of comedy and also a lot of action. It has very funny jokes, like will usually does, and has not too strong action. The actors, i think, were casted perfectly. Will, of course, and agent K, who i think they got the right actor to show his personality. The other actors like Boris the animal were also picked well.
The movie is in fact a pg movie, and i think the only reason it would be rated differently is because the word bulls**t was used once or twice, but that’s the only reason i remember.
In general it is a movie with a great plot, great timing, great actors, and a good rating, and will smith has infact done another great movie! I would recommend watching it!