Monday, April 18, 2011

Hairstyles of 2011

What are the cuts and styles in fashion this season? Here are the major trends seen in parades hairstyles 2011.

For spring-summer 2011, we can say that the time is the softness, lightness, natural either side cuts or colors. Overall, hairdressers have focused on styles, cuts, easygoing, easy to maintain.

If the length is very trendy this season, there are many ways to wear it, but those who prefer the mid to long or short, rest assured: the square is present and small cuts short "ball" or tomboy.

Featured along
In fashion parades or in the books of hairdressers along makes a comeback. It is a very natural way, preferably with a line drawn in the middle well; hair is left free on each side. for an effect Naiad trendy, they are wavy: for those who are fortunate to benefit from a hair soft, it is enough to let them dry naturally or with a hairdryer twisting the strands to get good waves, for the other is the comeback of the mini-wave ( Camille Albane ).

One can also opt for a '70s style, rejecting all hair on the back, by creping or possibly a little fixing them with hairspray and letting fall on the shoulders lengths, always a very natural way and wavy.

For the hardcore fringe, it has this season will be very long and touching the eyes.

Buns, braids and ponytails: on top!
Long hair can also be tied in a ponytail. It can be very high on the top of the skull or conversely, very low and even asymmetrical one shoulder. In the latter case, it should give creping hair blowing in the root for a nice volume.

Last detail: you cover the rubber band or a favorite by a lock of hair wrapped around.

Another fashion trend, for those who have hair long enough: the bun. Whether in parades or in the top hairdressers, it is very present in all its forms.

Style dancer to surf the wave Black Swan, worn low on the neck or on the contrary, high on the top of the head, hair smooth, plated or even painted (as in the parade Gucci ), it is equally suitable for day or for an evening. It may be more loose, relaxed style, hair parted in the middle and reduced on one side with a style somewhat neglected as in the last parade Donna Karan.

Spring 2011 also sign the return of braids: of course, in a bun as well as during the parade Givenchy as "squaw," or neglected style or so half-ponytail.

The square gradient: Back in Force
Than those who did not have long hair to worry, the long half-square is also very popular this season. It is degraded (St. Seaweed), a tousled-headed effect, but also plunging draft (Fabio Salsa) or even embossed in Lawrence Decreton, or short and sophisticated Jack Holt.

Boy-style, cutting ball to short cuts
Despite a preference for mid-long and all along, hairdressers have also declined, however, cut short tapered or in a boyish style ( Jean Louis David ), small head with a dynamic cut "firecracker" very sharp and full of character for Eric Stipa; effect cutting ball to Top Model or Dessange

Headbands, barrettes and headbands: the essential hair jewels
Another trend for Spring / Summer 2011, it is necessary to decorate her hair with accessories "jewels": barrettes, headbands,... are adorned with feathers, lace, flowers, rhinestones, bows.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is 50 years making audiences laugh

If someone manages to make millions with the voice of a donkey is that it has come far in Hollywood. And Eddie Murphy, who provided the voice of the ass of the fourth and final installment of Shrek, "Happily Ever", pocketed four million dollars.

So, no wonder the Hollywood star, who turns 50 on April 3, figure frequently in the "Forbes". In 2008 ranked third among the millionaires of Hollywood, behind Will Smith and Johnny Depp. That same year was "awarded" the Razzie Award for worst actor and star cast for the comedy "Norbit," in which he played almost all roles.

That film also won him the trophy for supporting actress for her role impossible obesity and evil Rasputia. And in 2010, the organizers of the awards ironic distinguished him as "worst actor of the decade , beating the likes of Ben Affleck, Mike Myers, Rob Schneider and John Travolta.

In such cases, Murphy put the widest smile. And he did as a child in Brooklyn, where after the death of his father was raised by his mother and stepfather in a humble environment. First managed to smile at his sister, and then to their classmates. At 19 it was usual comedy show "Saturday Night Live," which also launched the careers of Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Billy Crystal and Bill Murray.

In 1982, a young Murphy won over critics with his first role, it was not just to laugh. In the thriller "48 Hours" gave life to a prisoner who helps a detective (Nick Nolte) to catch a murderer. With his second film, "Trading Places" became the overnight in a comedy star plays a beggar who became a wealthy businessman.

A year later, Murphy starred in one of the blockbusters of the 80 with "Beverly Hills Cop." It embodied the Detroit police Axel Foley, who is caught up in an investigation into the exclusive city of Los Angeles. The saga continued in 1987 and 1994.

However, it was not all plain sailing. His directorial debut, "Harlem Nights" (1989), was a flop, just like the movie "The Golden Child." In "Boomerang" (1992) fell in love with two beautiful, not just for the cameras: for some time maintained a relationship with Halle Berry and Robin Givens.

In "Dr. Dolittle ", embodied a veterinarian who talks to her four-legged patients.
In "The Nutty Professor" (1996) shone doubly: as obese scientist Sherman Klump and his brash alter ego Buddy Love. After this blockbuster scathing tones became more familiar with "Dr. Dolittle, "which portrayed a veterinarian who talks to her four-legged patients. And with "The Haunted Mansion" (2004) finally became a star for young audiences.

Critics were no longer taken seriously Murphy to "Dreamgirls" (2007) , a musical that was nominated for eight Oscars. In the film about a trio of black female soul singers in the 60, the actor said playing the drug-addicted artist James "Thunder" Early. Did not get the Academy Awards as best supporting actor, but won the Golden Globe

However, he relapsed into the same routine with the simplistic comedy "Norbit" and "Meet Dave" (2008). That year was not good in matters of the heart: only two weeks after their romantic "I do" on a private island in the Pacific failed marriage to producer Tracy Edmonds.

Two years earlier, had divorced actor model Nicole Mitchell, with whom he has five children. It also has two adult children from previous relationships fruit and a girl of four years with the ex-Spice Girl Melanie Brown, which he did not know until you pass the paternity test.