Monday, June 20, 2011

Super 8 Best Movies of 2011

Critical Review of 'Super 8': One of the Best Movies of 2011 JJ Abrams has done it again

In 2009, the director JJ Abrams proved with 'Star Trek' was able to inject life into a familiar story.The question was whether he could repeat the same thing in 'Super 8' , a film that explores various elements seen in films like 'ET' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' .

The story follows a group of children in a small American town in 1979 to witness a train wreck while filming a zombie movie.A strange creature escapes from one of the coaches and friends try to unravel the mystery of the consequent disappearance while trying to complete your project, avoid the armed forces who have made the place and stay safe from the creature.

From the first scene shows a great respect for the intelligence of the viewer.Instead of having characters explain everything from the beginning, the film takes the time to go answering every question has an appropriate time.What is also noted in the marketing campaign, because unlike many summer releases in USA, manutuvieron the plot details a secret so we could enjoy more movies.

Interestingly, the first teaser trailer, included at the end of this post contains images not appear in the final product and the train scene that we see from the perspective of children.

In inmedito connect with Joe, played superbly by newcomer Joel Courtney , who has lost his mother and his father is misunderstood by police.But each character is developed've played exceptionally well for children, especially Elle Fanning , and adults, mostly unknown or the world of television.

From 'The Goonies' of Richard Donner since we saw a group of small players being so well treated by Hollywood-sorry 'Spy Kids' - and respond with performances of this caliber.The polar opposite to that seen in 'The Last Airbender " from Shyamalan .

The movie moves passing through different tracks and having success at all: The drama excites us, we laugh at the comic and frightening in every attack of the fugitive being.This happens when all aspects of a film are solid, both on paper and in execution. Abrams is a master behind the camera and even abused some of his trademark, the "flare" when the camera is a source of light in front, no one can say that it looks spectacular.The full audio experience with music as full of "oldies" as the excellent sound effects.

Interestingly, in a record year in number of films offered in 3-D is a set in the 70's and 2-D which offers more immersive experience.You forget you are watching a film and when I left the cinema I felt I had traveled in time back to 2011.

Although Steven Spielberg as producer and "partner" in history, it is unfair detract from this creation of Abrams as a mere "tribute" to the tapes of the legendary director.The creator of 'Lost' took autobiographical elements and films which grew but this is a completely new story.We often complain that Hollywood does not make films like they used to and when someone captures the spirit of adventure of the 70's and 80's I despise.

'Super 8' has the intensity and soul that's been missing in recent projects that Spielberg was involved.If 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Skull' was an excuse to exploit the nostalgia and make money, this is a labor of love that makes you dream has generations of today and the teacher did in his time.Somehow JJ inspired him to Steven for this product brings to the best of himself.

It is true that the end could have been more original.But this science fiction adventure of living in the shadow of any other, it shines.

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