Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mine vaganti movie

Arrives in theaters March 12 Italian "Mine" stray "the film by Ferzan Ozpetek's a comedy all-Italian Riccardo Scamarcio and Nicole Grimaudo that deals with the issue of homosexuality in the classic Italian family.

The description and the vicissitudes of the classic Italian family linked to the traditions and unable to accept fully the diversity is the theme of the new film by Ferzan Ozpetek coming out to the movies on March 12.

This time Ferzan Ozpetek has opted for a movie less melodramatic than his earlier films, it is an Italian comedy Mine stray tragicomic tones, with apparent irony of the characters and situations of the film skillfully interpreted by an Italian all-star cast makes the movie interesting for the topicality of the issues but at the same time very enjoyable.

In the lead role in the film, namely that of Thomas, is Riccardo Scamarcio, Italian actor magnetic gaze. Around the figure of Thomas through which tackles the topic of homosexuality, the stories of the components of a traditional Italian family living in a small town in southern Italy.The film has already announced success in this period of Italian cinema often face issues related to Italian and MineVaganti family is the only Italian film in competition at Tribeca Film.

An interesting fact related to the film is that the kiss between two men and the actor who was known to Italian audiences with the famous "walking on the sky" has shown to be a great actor and he did not have a hard time turning the scene, which was enough just close your eyes.
Speaking of the film scenba Scamarcio said: "Paradoxically, it was much more difficult scene in which I speak and I have to appear deeply in love. I was not embarrassed, but one thing I can say, thankfully we did just three wraps.

Co-author of the script with director Ferzan Ozpetek and Ivan Cotroneo, who attempted to describe the best themes of acceptance of a reality as that of homosexuality in a small town south of Lecce where just as the story takes.

In the all-star cast alongside Italian Riccardo Scamarcio in the shoes of Thomas also very good Lunetta Savino and Ennio Fantastichini interpreting the parents of Thomas, then Elena Sofia Ricci and Ilaria Occhini respectively the aunt and grandmother of the main character, Bianca Nappi making Part of Helen Thomas's sister, Alessandro Preziosi which plays the role of the brother of Alba and Nicole Grimaudo childhood friend, then also in the cast Carolina Crescentini, Massimiliano Gallo, Paola Minaccioni, Matthew Taranto, Carmine Recano, Gea Martire , Crescenza Guarnieri and Daniele Pecci.

Thomas, the youngest son of the canton, a large family and extravagant that owns a factory in Puglia, come back to Rome to stay a short period at home. The family anxiously awaits the return of Thomas and happiness, each with its own problems and regrets as the grandmother who lives the melancholy memory of an impossible love, the father Vincenzo embittered by the decisions of the children that do not reflect their expectations, the Stefania mother, the classic Italian dessert rich in mother care but choked the narrow bourgeois mentality, Aunt Luciana with her being very eccentric, even among family Dawn, the childhood friend of Thomas.

Residence of Thomas, however, will not be short because of unexpected revelations and plot twists that animate the life of the family canton.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Padme and Anakin Skywalker

Padme and Anakin Skywalker are involved in a clandestine love affair that ends badly, unfortunately. Their union gives birth to the twins Luke and Leia Skywalker that will set the winners of the rebels against the empire.

Forbidden love, deep, desperate and bloody one between Padme and Anakin in Star Wars.
Nell'esalogia George Lucas' film is told from beginning to end this wonderful love story.
When you know you are a young senator, he is torn a little slave to his sad fate to become a student and to live as Jedi padawan, and immediately between the two is obvious a great affinity and affection.
They spend several years and appear grown boys, embarrassed and obviously attracted to each other. The events lead them to spend much time together, so ends up falling in love madly with each other. Despite the social status they are in does not allow it (the Jedi can not engage in a sense unique, but they dedicate their lives to fighting the Dark Side), decides to give overwhelming love that binds them and get married in secret.

Their love shall in the years hidden, Anakin proved that the value of Jedi is far above average, but it also grows its irrequietezza.La wonderful news that Padmé is pregnant does not help to calm him, indeed it is often tormented by nightmares in which he sees Padme dying in childbirth and would like to have the power to do something to protect her he could not bear to lose it in the past as he lost his beloved mother and Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master who saved him from slavery and almost a father. Darth FenerQuesto desire for love and protection destroys it from within. Conscious of its strength still wants more, and this can only take them away from the Jedi to take him ever closer toward what should fight, or the Dark Side of the Force.

For love, gives in to lust for power, deceiving so you can save Padme and becomes Lord Vader, the Emperor's right arm, which heads the forces of evil. Padme loves tremendously, but feels deeply betrayed by her that does not understand nor accept her change, to the point he almost choking her.

The two are divided and not Padme gives birth to a son, but two twins (Luke and Leia), then dies, thinking of the beloved and spoke his last words, "There's still some good in him." Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker
Anakin, did you hear of the death of his beloved, he despairs bitterly further loss and defeat and surrenders completely to the dark side, becoming the cruel Lord of Evil that terrorize the galaxy for years and years.
After so many sad vicissitudes and harassment, will be the love, the fruit of love between him and Padme, his son Luke to save and redeem it back to good. Return to the point of death to be Jedi and save the entire galaxy from the Dark Side, bringing balance to the Force, as the prophecy wants Love.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Two Sides

The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing
The moon in the sky and Udit
Some thermal  life
The branches Lhralhra
Some of mind gives grief forgotten
Yesterday Murjanevali kaliyan
Be merry smiling says
Tru nightingale from the Fungi
Message tells of youth
Wine glass with you
Bhla give my heart
Across me to unwind
What treatment will not go!
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

Of juice flowing rivers in the world
Finds two drops drip
Jilmilsi tableau of life
Nynon comes before
Swrtalmayi harp rings
Just get me chime
Than the smell of my Sumnon
The wind takes away
Hear it, across, honey
These resources will also lose
The human sense of
What will be based not!
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

But will drink cup,
So we have not known
Fate has sent the cross
How we Asmrthbna
To say, but say
We always independent in deeds
Subordination of people
Who is known, as we?
Can say so, as the
Let's lighten some heart
Across the unfortunate human
What will not be right
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

When he had nothing
He Boye fork in the path
Dhar made to shoulder the burden
The crying - crying we carried
Within the dreams of palaces
Ruins ravaged the full truth
Ur such excitement filled
Or two nights we slept soundly
Now our life
Been cursing the cruel hard
Across human destiny
What behavior will not go
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

Snsriti's life, Subge
There will come clocks
When the sun's Tmahr Kirne
Darkness will hide inside
When the body of beloved possession, Rajni
Of darkness will cover sheets
The Sun - Shashi - nurtured the earth
How long will celebrate anyway
When this long - the world wide
Will be no existence
Then both of us little - little
What the world will not go
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

So long will fall
Kuhuk then will not cuckoo
Nightingale or dark Gaga
Jagaagi light of life
Numberless soft - new voices of Pallava
'Marble' will not listen then
Ali - Avli Kli - Gunjan on team
Not to come to
When sounds so Rsmay
Expiration, dear, will be
Then dry the Kanton us
What exercise will not go
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

Listening period dominant master - roar
Nirjrini Bhulegi Nrtn,
Nirjr forget property"Tlml
Sarita its "Kalkl 'singing,
That singer - Indus hero somewhere
Up would be hidden,
Will be left standing open mouth
Gandharva, Apsara, Kinnrgn
Which has live music
When silence will be the same
Then, life, your string of
Wonder what the root wire!
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

Landed in front of these eyes
The necklace worn by jasmine
He was snatched, look, Mali
Sukumar Ltaon jewelry
Be pulled in two days
Usha Sinduri sari
Tails of rainbow Satrnga
How long will it be
When the Murthymti Sattaon
Shobha - Sushma be robbed
The poet dreams of imaginary
What makeup will not go!
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

Drig are able to see far
Lhrata ocean of darkness is
Still stands across a
We pulled all call
I left you come today
Yesterday, the day after all Sngisathy
World cries - dhoti stays
Which to go, is
So I would Dgdg mind
From the coast of Hlkoron
When I reach isolated
Whirpool, nor knows what will happen
The cross, honey honey you are
What will happen to the crossing

Thursday, March 11, 2010

why 3 idiots is different

Now go watch the movie two and a half - three hours of daily life no longer get rid of Kickic. Of this trend by some anaylists Saiko interpretation is interesting. According to her mother's womb movies of people in India makes sense. The darkness of the strange - gives little comfort, as the mother's womb is dark, but it's like one side edge of the tunnel also seems light. Similarly, in the cinema hall is the dark screen Chirti light and noise. This interpretation is not even considered it could be believed even if that seat hall are Prsate as we relax too much.

Everything used to work before the name of cinema, family drama, narrative or Politikl hero fights alone against the system. It still happens but some other manner. Before we see in movies and know that it is film. Everything will be fine until after picture. Hero does not realize was around, but until last shot come - had come to feel like a superstar. A liar in the world enjoys that some efforts may change. And the story about him was too much to know. 'Sholay' in a film like that hood you from start to end of Gabbar Singh will be bad. If two brothers are separated, then it will meet and mother - father or million times, despite protests hero - heroine will become one. But cinema was seen Yet so long to get this one fixed end and found a way to silver.

Today's cinema is not so. Reality not hate us now. In a limited right but getting ahead at Metro and other cities, the population is in search of opportunities. We often use this in the World add that before people Jumle dreams were showing, now is just hope Jagani. Date in high morale is said to think not stupid. reality similar to the cinema, the morale is showing a new way.

With this new opportunity has Aksperiments television. TV News is reality shows, the day is coming TV cereals. So routine is visible on all TV drama, the cinema not to go through those same duplication. "Three Idiyts" Unlike the repetition is like a fresh story. Now people wanting to entertainment, but with one should consider. Understood very well the fact is Aamir. He decided to take heart. He is constantly try and bring a cinema, within which people may create some commotion. He not only laughs but also some thinking to come out.

Curiosity about the film's promotion to increase Aamir style is also credited. Although it was risky enough to do. Ad World is a proverb "Good Very Fast advertising Kils a bad product '. Aamir was aware of this risk, but with the film's content was so confident that he put at stake his credibility and unique promotional film he made in small areas known as centers.

Today I from college to the conference, where I am going to the cinema is discussed. This miracle Vidhu - Raju's team is due to the robust tuning. These people do not start shooting until then, until a script - not a bolt on Disksn make concrete. They were told Raju script worked for the entire half year. Nowadays people are put into two films and a half years. The team has a specialty and that they do not take themselves too seriously. Injoy your work is full.

Often says that if his film Vidhu not enjoying seeing me, then why people see this by spending money. Improve care for people in this film is helpful. I firmly believe that cinema must be those who understand that people want to see a picture, but only to fool the device when they have not rapprochement. All Ij well, but only until things with honesty and dedication to be.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

internet changed entertainment

You go to any part of world cinema has become addiction which spells magic. Internet network and the network cables from the entertainment world have failed to escape. Film and music from the release of its performance and to promote change and have put many aspects of the Internet.

Even the U tube Hollywood people - getting break in Bollywood. Internet advertising has become a new world.

So that people nowadays film was released immediately illegally copied its Prairetid via internet put on U Tube and sitting at home - sitting watching the film takes - Frst Frst Day show.

    The day was able to release the same day someone put this film on U Tube. U tube we sent several notices. They would remove the film from the Internet but would quickly upload a movie again. I do not know what to do

Amitabh Bachchan

Hindi films released on the day of the film can Shanhshah Amitabh Bachchan himself what he says, "was released the same day, somebody got the day this film was put on U Tube. We several notices sent to the U tube. They film the Internet delete from, but once again uploaded a movie would. I do not know what to do. "

Here comes the Internet network as if Amitabh also say get out of sight not only difficult bit is Namumicn.

Look on the website and films Siriyl

Start a website where thousands of Rajshri films exist and that you Dokyumentry can see through free or fee

Internet has become a box where it now if you can see what you like whenever you want. To take advantage of the many companies that market their own - has opened its Bebsaiten.

I loved and who we are you going to build such super hit films in this direction now step increase by Rajshri banner and opened Rajshri Dot Com.

Such a big banner and online world of the Internet in step Akhirkr what kept thinking.

    We see that many Rajshri films were put on the internet illegally, and people were getting Pairesi were looking. Then we thought why do not we make this work so that people themselves legitimately able to see these films - that too for free. If someone wants to download it, then she can downloaded by a few dollars fee.

Rajat Barjatya, Rajshri Media MD and CEO

Managing Director and CEO Rajat Barjatya of Rajshri Media, says, "We see that many films were put on the internet illegally, had been Pairesi people were looking. Then we thought why do not we do this work yourself Legal or lawful manner so that people get to see these films. can see lots of movies for free. If someone wants to download it, then she can downloaded by a few dollars fee.

Rajat Barjatya explains that a few years ago, Rajshri film was released on the Internet whose marriage got very good response. Zee Next Zee TV, Star, etc. U tube from which the serial Partrnship their website load. Even some videos and reports from BBC Motion Gallery, which elsewhere on this website - it has been observed elsewhere.

He says, "Rajshri's website is due to open tomorrow in other laptops, are in the hands of equipment such as Aipod. Internet via these people watch movies. So we opened a digital venture and our U Tube 11 different channels - in different languages. "

International started a similar website Iros has. Believe any such websites for movie lovers a treasure no less. Devdas Shah Rukh's films from Dada Muni Ashok Kumar far, Siriyl you can see here.

You would think that the use of these websites. Rajat Barjatya says, "what profit we get from advertising on the Internet companies have put on our website. To download the movies, etc. People pay fee. Than is income. The third pathway that our YouTube, etc. Amejhon agreement that our films, let Siriyl. U Tube video posted by our 21.5 million. "

U tube met Hollywood film

    * See movies on websites and Siriyl
    * With screens - are releasing movies on the tube with a U
    * U tube through getting Hollywood offer
    * CDs are releasing albums online instead
    * Fesbuk - orkut via getting work in films
    * Blog and website promotion through films

Internet has changed the way the film release. Rang De Basanti actor Siddharth from the famous Hindi film to theaters last month with strikers - was released on the Internet together with the whole world (except India).

When people in India were buying popcorn during the same time Intrvl hero and the world sir Online Chat with Fans were those who on the day of release the film in various countries were watching online. And the great Internet was.

Internet before the world to show their creativity has opened a new door. Please take notice on this story. A producer from Uruguay in November last year Fede Alvarojh nearly five minutes into a short film uploaded on U Tube. And few days later they received a proposal for a film for Hollywood.

In an interview with Bibibi Alvrarojh says, "I'll sponsor the Hollywood film that Sam Raimi has Bachchan films like Dead Spairman and Avl. It was amazing, we were all surprised. If a director at U-tube via the Internet by putting Hollywood film The film can get, then it is possible for anyone. "

Shakti Kapoor's daughter to trust the new model and its first in three leaf roll found via the Internet. Producer saw her and called on Fesbuk photos to audition.

Music and Internet

    When do you release a CD in that record companies are involved. But the singer does not meet the benefit. Remains that he thinks sales of the album is good then why are not giving me money. You have to ask for the accounts. This artist does not Fitrt that he asked for the accounts. Therefore this time I release the album online

Lucky Ali

In the field of music due to Internet use are new. Singer Lucky Ali, but their latest album online via CD is released in the market. Why, myself lucky says, "Actually when you do release a CD in that record companies are involved. But singers do not get the full benefit. He thinks remains that sales of the album is good then why not give me the money are. You have to fight the system, accounts have to ask. It is not Fitrt artist demands that the accounts. I will not name companies but my experience was not good. therefore I online release of the album this time. "

This illusion is surely a great loss of network on the Internet to people without legal rights of others films illegally, download songs and other things. But as every coin has two sides are then.

Rajat Barjatya says that soon the majesty of the stars that they will spread their nets on a computer not so mobile, TV and even on the Internet through devices like clocks will see films.

, He says confidently Smette their big in the entertainment world of the future Internet is the medium and in the region have yet to be something new. The picture is still my friend.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge

Konkona Sen Sharma and Ajay Devgn believe that their forthcoming flick Atithi tum kab Jaoge? Laughter is a riot, which shows how young couples in Mumbai itself with an unannounced guest.

"I think people will relate to the film a lot because this is basically the life of young couples today is reflected in Mumbai.

There are people from all over the country come here to make their lives, "says Konkona.

The film, which also played host to the versatile actor Paresh Rawal Ashwni led by Dhir and produced by Amita Pathak. It dissolves Friday.

The film revolves around Puneet (Ajay) and Munmun (Konkona), a happily married couple living in Mumbai. Her life takes turn one, when a distant relative, Chachaji (Paresh), turns without warning from a faraway village.

The chaos that follows makes it a rib-tickling comedy, where the tortured couple tries different methods to get rid of him, butnot every time.

It's about the comedy, which said geschiehtgehen in an attempt by the liberation of a person who comes as a guest and shows no signs of getting it, ", Konkona.

"When you have guests from their village, it is a matter of privacy. It's not like Delhi, where you have big houses. So I think because all these factors, people talk," she added.

Ajay added: "It's a light-hearted film. It is sensitive with humor. There is also an undercurrent of feeling in him."

The title of the album has failed to inspire music lovers. It sounds more like a religious soundtrack.