Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mine vaganti movie

Arrives in theaters March 12 Italian "Mine" stray "the film by Ferzan Ozpetek's a comedy all-Italian Riccardo Scamarcio and Nicole Grimaudo that deals with the issue of homosexuality in the classic Italian family.

The description and the vicissitudes of the classic Italian family linked to the traditions and unable to accept fully the diversity is the theme of the new film by Ferzan Ozpetek coming out to the movies on March 12.

This time Ferzan Ozpetek has opted for a movie less melodramatic than his earlier films, it is an Italian comedy Mine stray tragicomic tones, with apparent irony of the characters and situations of the film skillfully interpreted by an Italian all-star cast makes the movie interesting for the topicality of the issues but at the same time very enjoyable.

In the lead role in the film, namely that of Thomas, is Riccardo Scamarcio, Italian actor magnetic gaze. Around the figure of Thomas through which tackles the topic of homosexuality, the stories of the components of a traditional Italian family living in a small town in southern Italy.The film has already announced success in this period of Italian cinema often face issues related to Italian and MineVaganti family is the only Italian film in competition at Tribeca Film.

An interesting fact related to the film is that the kiss between two men and the actor who was known to Italian audiences with the famous "walking on the sky" has shown to be a great actor and he did not have a hard time turning the scene, which was enough just close your eyes.
Speaking of the film scenba Scamarcio said: "Paradoxically, it was much more difficult scene in which I speak and I have to appear deeply in love. I was not embarrassed, but one thing I can say, thankfully we did just three wraps.

Co-author of the script with director Ferzan Ozpetek and Ivan Cotroneo, who attempted to describe the best themes of acceptance of a reality as that of homosexuality in a small town south of Lecce where just as the story takes.

In the all-star cast alongside Italian Riccardo Scamarcio in the shoes of Thomas also very good Lunetta Savino and Ennio Fantastichini interpreting the parents of Thomas, then Elena Sofia Ricci and Ilaria Occhini respectively the aunt and grandmother of the main character, Bianca Nappi making Part of Helen Thomas's sister, Alessandro Preziosi which plays the role of the brother of Alba and Nicole Grimaudo childhood friend, then also in the cast Carolina Crescentini, Massimiliano Gallo, Paola Minaccioni, Matthew Taranto, Carmine Recano, Gea Martire , Crescenza Guarnieri and Daniele Pecci.

Thomas, the youngest son of the canton, a large family and extravagant that owns a factory in Puglia, come back to Rome to stay a short period at home. The family anxiously awaits the return of Thomas and happiness, each with its own problems and regrets as the grandmother who lives the melancholy memory of an impossible love, the father Vincenzo embittered by the decisions of the children that do not reflect their expectations, the Stefania mother, the classic Italian dessert rich in mother care but choked the narrow bourgeois mentality, Aunt Luciana with her being very eccentric, even among family Dawn, the childhood friend of Thomas.

Residence of Thomas, however, will not be short because of unexpected revelations and plot twists that animate the life of the family canton.

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