Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Song Movie Review

The last song is based on Nicholas Sparks’ book and this, just like any other of his stories this is far much better than other previous adaptations. Liam Hemsworth plays the part of a rich volleyball playing kid about to join college while Amanda Seyfried is simple college bound guitar enthusiast.
On the other hand Miley Cyrus acts the part of young man with strained relations with his father, Channing Tatum. Though a teenager, Miley has turned to be a soldier, stars in this a must see piece for any movie enthusiast. The scenes are so enticing especially with those beautiful water dripping teenage bodies, just like the scenes in the movie Dear John. Just like the other Nicholas Sparks book adaptation to movies, a character with some deadly disease cannot be missed in the last song movie review.

Clearly, the last song movie setting is a meeting between two would be lovers who are portrayed as silly and unbelievably so. The last song movie review shows how complete strangers can fall madly in love; a new girl in town is every ones dream lover. To put it in a polite manner, the new chic on the block is dump and her mannerisms are annoying and this is the amazing part about the movie The Last Song. The movie reminds any movie lover of an off-the- beat song due to its empathy feeling given that the main star is a character you can take for a role model due to lack of appeal. The new girl in town is cute but the intensity of her out of this world withdrawn nature makes The Last Song look far-fetched.

In comes the drug peddler who’s obsessed by abusing his girlfriend at the full glare of his rich parents. The drug dealers’ parents cannot intervene even when their son’s ex-lover tries to break up the new couples found love. In the presence of the parents, the young brother looks more mature and responsible as compared to the adults in the home. Just like any other movie there is always a sober one as depicted in the young brother in the movie last song. With all this, there is nothing to write home about apart from the handsome and beautiful bodies. It would be a fallacy to deduce the last song as a hit according to Hollywood standards.
The last song movie review shows a total contrast of beauty, riches and disease in a very elaborate perspective leaving any movie lover at a crossroad. It becomes even more intriguing with introduction of an aspect of animal love for the beach volleyball lover to be seen as caring. For the astute movie lover, watching the movie turns out better than the last song movie review thus you need to watch it to appreciate this review.

My Hollywood Movies

Here are some best movies of Hollywood. They are wonderful and you should check it out .

1. The Twilight series – Its the love story about an ordinary girl and a vampire and how they find their love.
2. Pirates of the Caribbean series – Its a very nice movie. Its my favourite movie and very enjoyable.
3. Hitman – Maybe most of the people love Hitman. I am not sure but it is a very nice movie though it does not include comedy.
4. Rambo series – One of the best hero and one of the best movie series. Must view these movies. Lots and lots of action and fighting. Most of the boys will enjoy.
5. Here are some more good movies - Expandables

Men in Black Three Review

Men in Black 3 is a 2012 movie of will smith which comes after men in black 2. This time, will is forced to go back in time to help his friend from a serious threat that awaits him in the future. will has to go back in time and prevent it from ever happening and in his journey he learns a lot about how his friend, agent K, was when he was younger and how he came to be. The length of the movie was also good.

The movie has lots of comedy and also a lot of action. It has very funny jokes, like will usually does, and has not too strong action. The actors, i think, were casted perfectly. Will, of course, and agent K, who i think they got the right actor to show his personality. The other actors like Boris the animal were also picked well.
The movie is in fact a pg movie, and i think the only reason it would be rated differently is because the word bulls**t was used once or twice, but that’s the only reason i remember.
In general it is a movie with a great plot, great timing, great actors, and a good rating, and will smith has infact done another great movie! I would recommend watching it!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mythology in Hindi films

When Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, now better known as Dadasaheb Phalke (1890-1944), the father of Indian cinema, made his and India’s first silent feature film, Raja Harishchandra (1913), he thereby introduced the genre of mythological cinema in our country. Having been inspired by the English movie, The Life of Christ, which he keenly watched, he decided to bring to the silver screen Indian gods and goddesses and the stories associated with them.

Mythology has been a popular source of entertainment and instruction for Indian masses for millennia as besides the Ramlila and the Krishnalila which have been enacted year after year are numerous religious functions, festivals and rituals rooted in mythology. This keeps the interest of people in mythology interminably alive so that even today many films and teleserials continue to be based on it.

Drama incorporating interesting episodes has repeatedly been drawn from not only great epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and the Puranas, but also world’s other literature including the popular Arabic and Persian classics, which too embody magic, supernatural elements or miracles and instances of divine intervention.

The cardinal premise of all such stories, which promote virtuous conduct, has been the triumph of good over evil.

The multi-talented Phalke, who was an artist, architect, photographer, playwright, printer and magician, followed his above mentioned first film with more mythological silent movies like Mohini Bhasmasur (1913), Satyavan Savitri (1914), Lanka Dahan (1917), Shri Krishna Janma (1919), Kalia Mardan (1922) and Bhakta Prahlad (1926) and the only talkie, Gangavataran (1937).

All these movies were replete with awesome spectacular and magical scenes supported by impressive special effects, which Phalke created successfully and which tickled the fancy of his audiences and readily won their enthusiastic approbation.

Following Phalke’s example many other Indian film producing companies also came up with a host of more mythological movies, sourced from the epics, as also many devotional films predicated on the lives of certain God-realised saints. Such movies also depicted surprising preternatural and magical elements-in both the eras of the silent movies and the talkies. Films like Hatim Tai, Sindabad the Sailor, Alladin’s Lamp and Thief of Baghdad too were made showing flying carpets, ‘Sulemani topis’ or vanishing caps, by wearing which a person became invisible and other magical innovations.

Outstanding Hollywood filmmakers who acted as role models for Indian producers and directors too had a tradition of creating films based on epics and Biblical themes right from the start of cinema. They even remade several landmark movies in the 1950s and the 1960s when their guiding axiom was that ‘’A good epic never dies, it just gets remade’’.

In India also many of our successful mythologicals were remade several times. The most popular teleserials- Ramanand Sagar’s 74- episode Ramayana and B R Chopra’s 94-episode Mahabharata, both of which retold anew the stories contained in the eponymous epics and which millions of people watched irresistibly in the late 1980s, are sterling examples of this trend.

In the 1940s when Hindi cinema was at its peak, films depicting with finesse certain episodes from the Ramayana were made. Vijay Bhatt’s Bharat Milap (1942) and Ram Rajya (1943), in both of which Prem Adib and Shobhana Samarth (Kajol’s maternal grandmother) featured as Ram and Sita, were great hits of this type.

In Ram Rajya a group of people celebrating Rama’s return to Ayodhya sing the chorus, ‘’Aaya Ram Rajya’’ with a veiled allusion tol ‘Ram Rajya’’, the term used by Gandhiji for re-establishment of a rightful rule. Incidentally, this was the only film a good part of which Gandhiji saw when he was convalescing in 1945.

Some of the other milestone mythological movies turned out by the Hindi cinema in its nearly a century long journey were Seeta (1934), Gopal Krishna (1938), Sampoorna Ramayan (1961), Jai Santoshi Maa (1975) and Har Har Mahadev (1983). In many mythologicals the former wrestler and muscleman, Dara Singh played the role of Hanuman to the amusement particularly of children as an entertaining and comically inclined superhero. The late character actor, Jeevan too appeared in a large number of films as a ‘’Narayan, Narayan’- chanting Devrishi Narad, who would appear suddenly on a scene and equally speedily disappear.
Miracles extended to films of some other genres such as Tansen (1943), a historical-musical in which leaves sprout and flowers blossom on plants in a garden as Tansen (K L Saigal) sings raga Bahar and again musical instruments in Akbar’s court start playing by themselves as the legendary singer renders a dhrupad. In Amar, Akbar, Anthony (1977) two beams of light travel from the eyes of the statue of Sai Baba in the Shirdi Temple to the blinded eyes of a woman (played by Nirupa Rai) and instantly restore her vision.

Audiences anticipate and accept miraculous happenings like restoration of good health of someone terminally ill or return of vision in sightless eyes like in the example cited above. They also wish the virtuous protagonist to receive divine help in a tortuous situation and feel relaved when this actually happens.
The long - prevalent belief of various communities in our country has been that a man’s fate is predetermined by some inscrutable law of the supreme power or God who has created and is running this universe.

The Hindus and followers of other faiths of Indian origin believe in rebirth, and the casting of destiny on the basis of a man’s Karma or good and bad actions done in his previous life or lives. In his new incarnation he is again supposed to be granted some freedom and discretion to act and thereby get either credit or discredit added to his past account, as it were.

Miracles happen and prayers are answered in cinema as in life. Recall the case of Babar, who prayerfully offered to surrender his own life in exchange for his critically ill son, Humayun’s good health.

The scheme, by which such things actually take place, is ineffable and defies analysis. It is, however, generally believed that the all-merciful God relents in exceptional circumstances and bestows a grace or concession on the deserving affected or afflicted person.

While some persons may interpret this by the logic of cause and effect, the believers will devoutly regard it as a gracious grant of a divine boon

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Modern Avataras Of Age Old Sari

The new  generation of  designers are taking care that the age old sari - Sita's legacy  and Draupadi's pride -  does not die out, by bringing in innovations, that would have scandalized our grandmothers  Yes there are  different ways of carrying the traditional six yard cloth and how to make it more stylish. Shamita Singha, who was present at the Lakme fashion preview, says  " I love the elements of youth and fun in  saris of modern designers. In fact, I plan on wearing them to parties as often as I can". In case of the sari, upcoming and even established designers are giving the traditional garment more modern interpretations to suit a young clientele, whom they feel are not averse to  accepting of such change.  Yes there are  different ways of carrying the traditional six yard cloth and how to make it more stylish.

Sabyasachi  the eminent fashion maestro says, " In my recent collection, I have showcased the chhotu sari, which is not really a new concept because women in tribal areas wear them. The only difference is that I have removed the pleats so that it just becomes easier for the youth. It's important to create a blend amongst the traditional and the commercial. The chhotu sari helps the women flaunt their shoes." Sabya's chhotu sari has been made in khadi and the silhouettes are also Indian.
Stylist Priya Agni  says, "I think it is imperative to innovative with the sari. Unless we are not hampering with the aesthetics  of the six yards it's fine. I used leggings and strong shoulder pads, because I wanted the sari to be more western. Another way of wearing a sari would be to drape it around in cowls."

Fashion designer Anju Chotrani too has modern ideas of combining sari with western dress and explains, "Wearing a sari with a long  jacket is very Western. Also with a long Kurti. Interestingly, the blouses don't stop at the waist these days, they are long and stretch like a kurti.

Also long ruffles over the edge of the pallu make the sari look like a Victorian gown. Trousers or a skirt replace the traditional 'ghagra' (skirt) and the sari is pre-draped using various notches that can be adjusted to accommodate weight gain".

New designer Masaba Gupta's saris were pieced together in such a way that they made perfect sense for everyday wear for the young or experimentalists. With thick black and white stripes and a green border, they were styled well giving it that needed young , Indo-Western silhouetteRitu Kumar the leading fashion expert   is of the opinion that the sari has been recently often innovated to make it more appealing for daily wear. She says, " I recently draped a sari totally differently, the pleats were stitched, the pallu more like a scarf around the neck and the blouse fits like a corset."

Puneet Nanda of Satya Paul is trying to make the same basic structure fresh for new clients. His pop art line of saris, most recently, sported by Bollywood celebs like Jacqueline Fernandes and Mughda Godse, have sold like hot cakes. "People are bored with the traditional designs they find in stores, they want something new and exciting," Nanda explains the reason for the success of the line. "We tread a fine line when creating pop art. An image of Ganesha or other gods might work as pop art in New York, but here it will be interpreted as misusing religious images."

Nanda has also launched a line of pre-constructed saris to capture the working woman, who has no time to patiently drape six yards of fabric. According to him "Personally, I prefer the original structure because it's hard to improve upon a garment that isn't even stitched. But our pre-constructed saris are practical and meant for women on the go. We've avoided the use of the zipper form because that leaves you with just one size. By using strategically placed notches, the sari can be adjusted, because women tend to go through cycles of weight loss and gain."

Monica and her design partner Karishma Swati recently unveiled their own festive collection of hand smocked and silk macramé saris which were traditional in their look and fabric but very contemporary in their presentation.  "The sheer magnitude of what you can do with a sari is amazing," says Monica.

Fashion designer Anamika Khanna, who feels that saris should be made innovative, broke the mould when she showed a range of muslin saris in hues like lime green, magenta and saffron. The saris were draped unconventionally and instead of a ghagra underneath, she teamed them with pajama pants and all parts of the outfit were in one colour only.

Butterfly pallu saree is a type of designer saree where the pallu narrows downs to the shoulder with cut work. The style is being inspired from the Bollywood film industry. The work on the shoulder can be of pearl and kundan which adds a fusion look to the designer saree.  Sharara saree - It is a style of saree which looks like a sharara. It has two flares and the second flare makes it looks like sharara. The sharara saree is very heavily emblazed with work of zari, zardosi or thread work on the bottom or second half of the flare. It is worn on special occasions like weddings and bridal functions.  A thin fabric saree with a belt highlights your curves.  Belt can be of a fabric or leather emblazes with embroidery or stone work. Adding a glam belt to the attire gives a fusion look to the attire. It can be worn on any party wear occasion or festivals.  Lehenga saree - This is another experiment of designers. This kind of designer saree has a flare in the end but less than sharara flare. This style is getting popular among Modern Indian brides. This gives a fusion look to traditional lehenga choli.
Neo- saree is another experiment with saree. This designer saree is a saree with a reduced height and is above the ankle. You can team this saree with a strapee sandal or juttis.  Net saris are trying  to get a toehold this wedding season, vying for attention with ethnic silks, finds   fashion  designer Sangeetha Devi Dundoo
Bling still rules, but understated elegance is back in saris. "Heavy silks are preferred for the wedding ceremony but women want cotton-blends for the smaller functions. Kotas with kalamkari, cut-work and intricate borders are dressy while remaining easier to handle in the heat," opines designer Mamata Reddy of Kalam Creations.
Yes    There are many modern  avataras for the age old sari.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunidhi Chauhan and Raveen Tandon


Turns out singer Sunidhi Chauhan’s connection with actress Raveen Tandon is an age old one! It was Kalyanji Aanandji’s tour to Bahamas in 1994 in which Bollywood-biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Raveena Tandon, Manisha Koirala and Sridevi participated.Among these top-notch actors was a little bundle of talent, Sunidhi Chauhan. Being a part of Kalyanji Aanandji’s music academy, the 11-year-old toured for the first time with the then A-listers.Seen with the Mast Mast girl Raveena Tandon, the coy little Sunidhi, clad in a salwar kameez, became the centre of attraction for the actress. Interestingly, it’s the same sparkler who has sung an item song Main chandigarh di star, Munde checking me from far, munde slowing down the car for Raveena in ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap’.

Mallika Sherawat


It was a festive evening at Puranmal Juhu, as the air was full of anticipation and excitement, with Double Dhamaal’s Jalebi Bai Mallika Sherawat expected to visit and herself make jalebis for everyone!! The glamorous actress arrived at the eatery in full enthusiasm and straightaway went  to the jalebi frying counters and started making piping hot jalebis!!...Also making jalebis with her was director Indra Kumar, and the duo fed each other, along with everyone present, including media persons! After the fun feast, Mallika went on to speak about her much awaited comedy film and the sizzling item number Jalebi Bai,” I had a blast dancing to Jalebi Bai. I want to thank Induji for giving me such a amazing platform and role with his sequel to the hit Dhamaal...the entire cast and crew was so much fun to work with!” Indra Kumar’s comedy sequel film Double Dhamaal, produced by Maruti International in association with Reliance Entertainment, is a much anticipated comedy film starring the previous Dhamaal team- Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Ashish Chowdhry, Ritiesh Deshmukh and Jaaved Jafferi, with Mallika Sherawat and Kangana Ranaut.